Your dream is our plan!

FLP allows anyone to buy its products at lower prices (wholesale prices).

Imagine that all the year round you deal with what you are interested in and work as much as you want to.

Our company offers a lot more.

  • Would you like to live healthily?    
  • Would you like to have more free time?
  • Would you like to have a beautiful house?
  • Or more mone, or a new car?
  • Would you like to travel?
  • Would you like to help others?
  • Why become a dealer?
  • You can buy the products at reduced prices.
  • You can start up your own profitable business.
  • You can sponsor your friends, family members so that they can also use these products and enjoy the benefits of all the good things that such a large and expanding company can offer to its members.

forever living munkalehetőségIf you join FLP dealers` team to get a full-time job or a secondary job you will surely be amazed at the commissions and bonuses specified in FLP marketing plan. It is a simple but massive plan, which allows you to build up your own business without having to invest a considerable amount of money and does not set the upper limit of your business income since it merely depends on you how much you work and earn accordingly.

Your business income is influenced by the job of giving information on FLP health and beauty care products to as many people as possible. FLP allows anyone to realize his or her business start up and/or operation. Beside the business income in proprtion to performance this job allows FLP dealers to spend much more time with their families and enjoy the freedom of homeworking.
Free time is enormously increased by team work, which provides a faster and more balanced development. Multi Level Marketing sales systems put special emphasis on the way people are treated. Proper individual information depends on personal relations, the result of which serves as a base of FLP product sales and successful search for co-dealers ( colleagues ). It is the actual distribution based on these that determines the rate of bonus to be paid.

Do you want a change? Thousands have already done what you are just dreaming of. You have no time? No money?

Your chance has come. Take your future into your hands. We will help you to achieve your aims.

How to join the FLP family?

If you want to know more about our products or health or health-conscious way of life in general you are advised to contact us.
Although everybody can build up such a business we do not co-operate with everybody and you do not have to either. One of the best things about this business is that you can choose the people you want to work with. Just think it over : if you wanted to form a super team, who would you take on? Anyone passing by ? Or you would try to find the best people of all ?
What we know about you at the moment is that you are in the process of seeking. You are probably dissatisfied with your present situation.
We are looking for people who want changes…. People who

  • dare dream
  • dare think in a big way
  • want to govern their own lives
  • dare be a success
  • want to have time (but not for the boss)
  • want to be healthy
  • want financial independence !

We know that only people with the above ambitions can achieve goals that seem to be inconceivable to others! If you consider yourself one of these ambitious people you are the one we need.

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