Forever Living Products

It all started with one man and his dream.
Rex Maugham had been searching for years a sort of business
that helps people to achieve better health and financial independence –
the two most important goals in human life.

Rex Maughan FLP Lajkó Szabolcs

Rex Maughan

In 1978 he found what he had been searching for. He invited 43 people to the very first Forever Living Products meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. This event was the starting point of his incredible business success.

Rex Maugham – president, CEO of the company is an outstanding man both humanly and professionally. In 2000 he was elected to be the Man of the Year in the USA and awarded doctor honoris causa of Arizona State University.

Rex and the first FLP dealers realized soon that many people were looking for the same things as they were. The potentialities in the product and the simplicity of the business plan allow anyone to live a better life. Some started as consumers, who just wanted products to improve their health and then being satisfied consumers they quickly became FLP entrepreneurs. Others discovered the potential business in the product and began to build up their own successful network. No matter what their motivation was the result was the same. They became more and more successful while they helped others to live a healthier life and improve their financial situation.

Forever Living Products stands in the first place among those involved in making, processing and marketing aloe vera based products worldwide.

The headquarters of FLP is in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are more than 9.5 million FLP dealers in more than 145 countries. It was in April 1997 that aloe vera was introduced in Hungary after conquerring 55 countries. With its high quality foods and cosmetics of unique compound, (successful marketing plan provided), and repurchase guarantee the basic goal of FLP Magyarország Kft. is to help customers with health and beauty preservation and provide successful free business, financial independence and career for dealers.

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